Why rent with Greeff?

Greeff Rentals offers rental services in and around the Cape Peninsula and specialises in the Southern Suburbs from Lakeside through to Mowbray. Our rental division is able to source an array of properties from smaller houses to family homes to grand luxurious villas in prestigious suburbs.

If you have a property to rent, Greeff Rentals can assist you in finding the right tenant, negotiating the lease agreement, collecting monthly rental, monitoring the rental property and ensuring that it is well-maintained.

Greeff Rentals offers you the benefit of experienced, qualified and competent staff.

We are not in the business of just filling houses, but rather procuring the best possible tenant for your home. 

Your property is a valuable capital asset, and in many cases, your livelihood and the legacy you'll leave to your children. Our livelihood is dependent on a spotless reputation; we will therefore only place a tenant once all credit checks and documentation have been completed.

If you're considering renting out your property, let Greeff Rentals take care of time-consuming credit checks, the ins and outs of the new Consumer Protection Act and assuming the hassle of monthly management, so you're free to enjoy your rental income.

*Greeff Rental makes use of state-of-the-art management software technology to ensure accuracy and efficient service at all times.

*Greeff Rentals prides itself in giving consideration to tenants and landlords alike and as such insists that a lease agreement must be viewed as a relationship borne out of mutual respect in which the needs of both the tenant and landlord are served.

For all your rental needs, whether you're a landlord or lessee, telephone 021 794 1295 or email: rentals@greeff.co.za.