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Investing in property means building for your tomorrow, so it's fitting that Greeff's outreach project is The Big Issue - an initiative which affords entrepreneurs the opportunity to build and own their tomorrows.

Each vendor wears a Smart-Bib complete with his or her identification  plus a sales counter which allows customers to see the immediate  effect of each purchase. The cashless technology is driven by an individual QR code linked to an account for each vendor. Greeff is honoured to sponsor such an empowering initiative, as its impact goes far beyond uplifting the dignity and improving the life of one person, but often impacts entire communities.

Take the time to notice the Big Issue vendor's bibs, upon which individuals have written their reasons for selling the publication. Some are providing for families, others are saving up to study.

The BIG ISSUE is a special initiative run by special people for special people. Greeff are honoured to be a part of it - we invite you to share in the joy and privilege of giving.