Conservation Canines

For over a decade, the South African rhino population has been under severe threat from poachers who have capitalised on a market that exists for rhino horns as status symbols or for use in alternative medicines. With more than a thousand rhinos poached every year for the past five years, it is our duty to remain actively involved in the protection and conservation of these precious animals.

Following on from our previous CSI project Greeffie the Rhino, Greeff Properties has made the decision to once again support this worthy cause, this time through the sponsoring of Conservation Canines for the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT).

Through this sponsorship, the EWT will be able to effectively train, maintain and supply Conservation Canines as part of their rhino poaching prevention initiatives. The use of Conservation Canines and their handlers in the pursuit and apprehension of poachers has proven effective as the introduction of the trained Conservation Canines has already started to make a significant impact on poaching statistics. For more info on this worthy cause, or how you can help, visit:

The Big Issue Magazine

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Investing in property means building for your tomorrow, so it's fitting that Greeff's outreach project is The Big Issue - an initiative which affords entrepreneurs the opportunity to build and own their tomorrows.

Each vendor wears a Smart-Bib complete with his or her identification plus a sales counter which allows customers to see the immediate effect of each purchase. The cashless technology is driven by an individual QR code linked to an account for each vendor. Greeff is honoured to sponsor such an empowering initiative, as its impact goes far beyond uplifting the dignity and improving the life of one person, but often impacts entire communities.

Take the time to notice the Big Issue vendor's bibs, upon which individuals have written their reasons for selling the publication. Some are providing for families, others are saving up to study.

The BIG ISSUE is a special initiative run by special people for special people. Greeff are honoured to be a part of it - we invite you to share in the joy and privilege of giving.