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An optimistic outlook for Cape property in 2019, says Greeff

15 Feb 2019
With 2018 officially behind us, we cast our eyes to the year ahead. What does 2019 have in store for the real estate sector?

A guide to your property buy this new year

12 Feb 2019
The ushering in of the new year brings with it the prospect of purchasing property in 2019.

Real estate terms explained

12 Feb 2019
The sale or purchase of property could be a tricky process. What often further complicates these sales are not understanding the terms involved in this process.

Questions to consider in the process of buying and selling a property

25 Jan 2019
Deciding to purchase property is life-changing. As such, this decision should be made after careful consideration, research and trusted advice from your estate

Spruce up your home with Pantone's colour of the year

25 Jan 2019
Pantone's recently released colour of the year for 2019 has brought a pop of colour and excitement to interior decorators and it is just a matter of time before

Upcoming General Valuations place estate agent valuations in focus

25 Jan 2019
With the City of Cape Town's General Valuations fully underway, getting your home valued by a property professional could be the single best move that you coul

Your 2019 strategic analysis on the Cape Town Property market

23 Jan 2019
Last year saw a number of peaks and troughs in the local property market due to extensive micro and macro-economic factors the market experienced both locally a

Staying ahead of the game where it counts

15 Jan 2019
With technology at the forefront of society and an app for almost everything, the real estate sector is not exempt from the steady march of progress.

The tax implications for property buyers and sellers

10 Jan 2019
Most people are familiar with the saying "Only two things in life are certain, death and taxes." However, the thought of navigating the tax process when purchas

A guide to the guestroom of your dreams

04 Jan 2019
With the holiday season in full swing, more and more families will be welcoming guests into their homes during this time.
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